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Re: IDL 5.3.1 (Windows) backing store problem

It sounds like a graphics card/hardware issue of some sort.  I have seen
similar problems on my machine unrelated to IDL, but I would usually have to
reboot to resolve them.  What sort of machine/graphics card do you have?

"Jason P. Meyers" wrote:

> Hello,
>   I have been running into a problem with IDL not properly refreshing
> the log window after some period of time.  After about an hour or so of
> use, the log window in IDLDE refuses to update properly.  For example,
> the contents of the window aren't redrawn when re-exposed and sending
> any text to the window causes the window to go "blank".  Actually, it
> doesn't go blank in the sense that I see a white screen.  Rather, it
> blanks out to gray screen.  The text can be recovered by scrolling the
> window up and down at least one full window height.  But it then gets
> messed up as soon as the next bit of text is added or the display is
> moved.  The problem goes away if I exit IDL and restart.  (Note:
> resetting the session is not sufficient.)  I have tried running IDL with
> default settings of Retain = 1 and Retain = 2 and the problem persists
> under both settings.  Retain = 0 is not even an option because nothing
> gets updated at all.
>   Has anyone else experienced this behavior?  If so, is there a known
> fix (other than upgrading to version 5.4)?
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Jason Meyers
> Ph.D. Student, Center for Imaging Science
> Rochester Institute of Technology
> jpm7934@rit.edu