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Re: How to make large array

renjie wrote:

> I tried to make large array, however, in Windows,
> the largest I can made is 256MB, and in Unix is 1 GB,
> it's supposed that the limitation is 2GB, do you have any
> idea about the largest array in IDL?

We habe encountered a problem with IDL and NT, where IDL is only able to
allocate 800 MB of memory in one step, even if it can allocate more
memory afterwards. But 256 MB is much too low, presuming there is enough
physical+virtual memory.

In Unix, I can allocate more than 1 GB:

--> idl
IDL Version 5.2.1 (sunos sparc). (c) 1999, Research Systems, Inc.
Installation number: 80864-0.
Licensed for use by: MPI Forschung

IDL>  b=bytarr(1024,1024,1200)
IDL> help, /mem
heap memory used: 1258497902, max: 1258497930, gets:      227,
frees:       89

The limit command tells you about the datasize you are allowed to
allocate, maybe this is set too low for you. And maybe there's a similar
setting for Windows?

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