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Optimized IDL machines and license question

I'm going to be upgrading my creaky Wintel PC soon and would like to optimize my new system to run
I'm considering replacing my desktop with a notebook, and possibly a Mac G4's over Wintel. My
questions are several.

Does IDL run better (more stability, efficiency) on otherwise equal Wintel, unix (linux, etc), macs,
or does it matter?
Will IDL be carbonized to Max OS X, and when?
Is there a recommendation for an optimized IDL PC of any type?

My other question should most likely be directed to RSI, but I'm not sure to whom. My place of work
has an IDL site license, but I'd like to use IDL on my machine (assuming I do get the notebook) on
conference trips, at home, and in labs w/o reliable network connections. Does anyone know if site
licenses can be parlayed or shared with individual computers?

Thanks for any advice.

Noam Izenberg