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Re: Google Stiffling Free Flow of Jokes

X-No-Archive: Yes

David Fanning wrote:
> Folks,
> I continue to view with interest Google's improvement of
> the newsgroup archives formerly undertaken by Dejanews.
> I think eventually this will be the newsgroup reader of
> choice.
> But in reviewing this past week's posts, I see an
> alarming number of off-topic and completely irrelevant
> posts by someone who should know better. It's embarrassing.
> And they are right there in the thread, for all to see. :-(
> The last thing I'm sure we all want is for this newsgroup
> to become so popular that keeping up with it is a full-time
> job. To this end, I'm vowing to act in a more responsible
> and sober manner befitting a computer professional from
> now on.

We all applaud your renewed sense of decency.  However, I'm sure the
readership would rapidly wane were you to actually follow through with
this threat.  What I suggest for you is to look into the functionality
of the header:

X-No-Archive: Yes

That said, all respondents cheeky enough to include your message in
their reply will also need to make use of this header if history is to
paint us in such an elevated light.