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Re: wavelet

JMD wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to use wavelet on IDL without IDL wavelet toolbox.
> Where can I find a free  IDL wavelet toolbox?

Um, I'm not sure whether I should be advertising this, but at least some
of the low-level procedures in $IDL_DIR/lib/wavelet/source do not
require a toolkit license.  You just won't be able to use any of the GUI

 WV_CWT - Compute the continuous wavelet transform for one-dimensional
 WV_DENOISE - Use the wavelet transform to filter a 1 or 2-dimensional
 WV_FN_COIFLET - Return the Coiflet wavelet coefficients.
 WV_FN_DAUBECHIES - Return the Daubechies wavelet coefficients.
 WV_FN_GAUSSIAN - Return the Gaussian-derivative wavelet.
 WV_FN_HAAR - Return the Haar wavelet coefficients.
 WV_FN_MORLET - Return the Morlet wavelet.
 WV_FN_PAUL - Return the Paul wavelet.
 WV_FN_SYMLET - Return the Symlet wavelet coefficients.

Also the "Numerical Recipes" implementation of some Daubechies wavelet
coefficients has long been available as the intrinsic function WTN.

--Wayne Landsman                landsman@mpb.gsfc.nasa.gov