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Re: Color question

R. Kyle Justice (rkj@dukebar.crml.uab.edu) writes:

> How indeed?  I am using the same colors and I have copied 
> the table into the postscript device.
> Martin's solution is to generate a discrete color bar using 
> POLYFILL.  I am sure this will work but I would still like
> to know why there is a difference between a color bar created
> with TV and one with a plot routine (POLYFILL, CONTOUR, PLOTS).
> Whether the bar is made up of continuous colors or a discrete
> number of colors should not make a difference, should it?
> I don't know enough about postscript to know what is going
> on inside the file.

After thinking about this a while longer, I wonder (you
have posted no code, alas) whether you are *specifically*
indicating the color indices for both the contour plot
and the colorbar or letting IDL (Wave?) choose
them for you. There can certainly be problems if you
don't choose color indices specifically. (Although not
the ones you describe, I shouldn't imagine.)

I have a FSC_Contour plot program that is similar
to MPI_PLOT that allows you to modify contour plots
interactively. It is *almost* ready for public
consumption. I'm quite sure the filled contours in
this match the colors of the attached colorbar. :-)

Let me know if you are interested, and I'll see what
I can do to get it ready to go. (IDL only, of course,
since it uses a GUI interface.)



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