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Index of a sector


I tried to solve this yesterday, but it gave me a headache. I tried
again today, but the headache is back and I did not get any closer to
the solution. It is very simple. Well after all, what can you ask from a
Mac user.

If you have a (square) 2D array, let's say, DIST(200, 200), how to
obtain the index of points enclosed by a sector of a given radius, drawn
from the corner of the array (point [0, 0])? Foe instance, radius 50?
So, I will have

101,102,...,149 (or so)

I thought to try to cut all corners and use IDLanROI, but for some
reason, I think that JD or Craig have the answer ready. Besides, David
tried anROI... how can I dream of succeeding where the Titan (read:
Coyote) failed?