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Re: Cant find functions in lib

Helle there,

I found the solution by myself (just looking very sharp on it...)

If somebody wants to know the solution: The procedure must have the same
name as the file. So only on function in the file is accessible in the file.
Of course the lib has to be in a right directory.


"Dominik" <dpaul@ukl.uni-freiburg.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Helle there,
> I am using IDL for imaging in Nuklear Medicine. We wrote a big library
> (NukMed.pro) with some functions and dont wont to compile it each time. So
> we thought to put it in the lib directory of IDL, where IDL itself puts
> its *.pro.
> But when we try to use it, IDL doesnt find the functions we used the whole
> time. Do I have to precompile it or to sign up in a special list for all
> *.pro files?
> Thanks
> Dominik