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Re: Cant find functions in lib

Dominik wrote:
> > We wrote a big library
> > (NukMed.pro) with some functions and dont wont to compile it each time. So
> > we thought to put it in the lib directory of IDL, where IDL itself puts all
> > its *.pro.
> If somebody wants to know the solution: The procedure must have the same
> name as the file. So only on function in the file is accessible in the file.
> Of course the lib has to be in a right directory.

Right. There are a few more catches: the procedure with the same name as the 
file must be the *last* procedure in the file, since IDL will stop compiling 
after that. For a large library, you could put each function in its own file, 
and put all those files in a directory NukMed. IDL will find all functions
automatically, provided that the NukMed directory is added to the path (in the
IDLDE preferences, in an IDL startup script or in an environment variable).

The other catch: the filenames must be all lowercase in order for IDL to find