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Thanks for all your help

OK, thanks for all your help

I see, this is a very good newsgroup

"Jaco van Gorkom" <j.c.van.gorkom@fz-juelich.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Dominik wrote:
>  ...
> > > We wrote a big library
> > > (NukMed.pro) with some functions and dont wont to compile it each
time. So
> > > we thought to put it in the lib directory of IDL, where IDL itself
puts all
> > > its *.pro.
>  ...
> > If somebody wants to know the solution: The procedure must have the same
> > name as the file. So only on function in the file is accessible in the
> > Of course the lib has to be in a right directory.
> Right. There are a few more catches: the procedure with the same name as
> file must be the *last* procedure in the file, since IDL will stop
> after that. For a large library, you could put each function in its own
> and put all those files in a directory NukMed. IDL will find all functions
> automatically, provided that the NukMed directory is added to the path (in
> IDLDE preferences, in an IDL startup script or in an environment
> The other catch: the filenames must be all lowercase in order for IDL to
> them.
> cheers,
>   Jaco