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Re: Cant find functions in lib

Dominik (dpaul@ukl.uni-freiburg.de) writes:
> I am using IDL for imaging in Nuklear Medicine. We wrote a big library
> (NukMed.pro) with some functions and dont wont to compile it each time. So
> we thought to put it in the lib directory of IDL, where IDL itself puts all
> its *.pro.
> But when we try to use it, IDL doesnt find the functions we used the whole
> time. Do I have to precompile it or to sign up in a special list for all
> *.pro files?

If you find you have to "compile" the code before
you can use it, then the code is not written correctly.
Putting it in the lib directory won't help, alas. :-(

If code is written so that the *last* program module in
the file has the same name as the program file, which will
also be the "name" of the command you are trying to build,
then this program will be automatically compiled when
the "command" is used, assuming the file is anywhere
in the !PATH.

You never have to pre-compile anything in IDL, assuming you
have written it correctly.



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