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Re: Header File *.h?

Dominik (dpaul@ukl.uni-freiburg.de) writes:

> another question from me (its because I am new to IDL and have to use some
> code frome sobody else). I never find a header file (*.h) while using IDL.
> But the source I have to use is using a header file, that means there is a
> header file *.h with some structure declerations. But IDL ignore it.
> Does somebody know, how to use such a header file?

Unless a file has a *.pro or *.sav extension, IDL cannot
"find" it automatically. The person who wrote the *.h file
for IDL had been to too many C programming workshops. :-)

The proper way to write a file with structure declarations
is to give the file the "name" of the structure with __DEFINE.PRO
(two underscores) appended to it. Put this file in the !PATH 
and IDL will find it automatically when you create the structure
in the code.


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