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Re: Object epiphany: A new way of building widget applications

JD Smith wrote:
> Craig Markwardt wrote:
> >
> > JD Smith <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> writes:
> >
> > > Martin Schultz wrote:
> > > >
> > > > Hi all,
> > > >
> > > >    With almost a week delay, I finally get around to release the first
> > > > version of a new class of IDL objects: the MGS_GUIObject hierarchy.
> > >
> > > I think it only fair to let people know that I tend to shy away from
> > > distributed code with people's initials in the name.  I know, it sounds
> > > stupid, but I'm not sure I'm the only one.  It seems to be a reasonably
> > > common practice here (Craig, you listening?), but one which I think
> > > might be best to avoid, for the following reasons:
> > >
> > ... remainder deleted ...
> >
> > Hi JD--
> >
> > I understand what you are saying, but I think you are a little too
> > harsh in criticizing other people for how they name their functions,
> > especially when Martin's code is as cool as it sounds.
> <snip>
> Please see my post below.  I did not mean to criticize the quality and
> generosity of, or devotion to the work... not at all.  I'm sorry if
> that's how it came across.  I have appreciated Martin's code (and
> especially his unflagging diligence in documenting it!) as much as
> anyone else.  I always find interesting things reading the comments in
> his code.
> And it appears, since no one has chimed in to say they too prefer more
> "universal" naming schemes, that I'm the only one whom this bothers.

Ah, what the hell: it bugs me too, all this prefixing with initials. If this is equated
(in an incorrect, and quite bizarre, manner since the utility or coolness of any
particular piece of code has little to do with its name apart from its descriptive
purpose) with ones attitude towards - as JD pointed out - code quality, programmer
generosity and/or devotion, etc., then I have even less right to state that it bugs me
since I don't put myself anywhere even *near* the league of the JD's, Schultzs, Fannings,
Tuppers, Hadfields, Markwardts, Gumleys etc of the world. 

Still bugs me though.

I think, in my case, it's a case of being taught at an early age (in technical writing for
scientists writing papers etc.) that use of the first person, e.g. I, we, our, etc, was
discouraged. I guess the lesson carried over into other areas. Anyway....

> I'll just keep quiet and deal with it.

Me too.

I read on the train to work today: "Reflective men make uncomfortable prosecutors. By
nature and by training, they tend to see the other side and give it equal weight." How's
that for some highfalutin fancy-talk?

Now, let's all take a moment to reflect..... :o)

> And at this rate, I
> can claim the large unoccupied region of the IDL namespace with no
> initials prepended.

What the..!? Me too!

> My next program will be called "calculate". ;)

I think you should call it "compute" :o)

Generically Yours,


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