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Re: Problem with ".cdf" files on Windows

Mark Rivers wrote:
> Here is what I believe is happening:  Windows thinks that files with a
> ".cdf" extension are "Channel files", which are used to display Web
> channels.  As soon as Explorer opens a directory containing a ".cdf" file it
> scans that file, even without the file itself being selected.  If the file
> is huge it consumes the entire resources of the workstation for many
> minutes.
> If I create a file called "test.ncd" rather than "test.cdf" things work
> fine.  If I use Explorer to rename "test.ncd" to "test.cdf" the problem
> immediately recurs.
> Moral of the story:  don't use the extension ".cdf" for netCDF files on
> Windows.

I always thought the commonly accepted extension for netCDF files was ".nc". CDF files are
different from netCDF files.

> Is this a commonly known problem?  Is there a FAQ for netCDF where this is
> documented?

Sounds like a Windows "problem".... not a netCDF problem. And, you've found the solution:
Don't use ".cdf" as an extension. Still, if you check the netCDF site maybe others have
experienced the same thing with Windows' default file associations.



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