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Re: array dimensions

From: "JD Smith" <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu>
> So it seamlessly integrates help (and calling syntax, and keyword lists,
> and completion, and...) from all external libraries too, and even from
> your own routine collection!  This is the reason I have started to use
> well formed documentation headers again (also because [C-c C-h] inserts
> one automatically for me, and [C-c Ret] puts the date, my name, etc. for
> a Modification Entry).  Even if you don't have a good doc header,
> IDLWAVE pulls up the routine declaration. 

Damn, I'm running out of excuses not to use that thing !

Mark Hadfield
m.hadfield@niwa.cri.nz  http://katipo.niwa.cri.nz/~hadfield
National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research

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