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Re: IDL vs. matlab

Aaron Birenboim <aaron@shimi.swcp.com> writes:
> Frankly, as a student, I'd give some pretty serious consideration
> to ANA.  Its an minimal-functionality IDL-like OPen source
> project.  I'd like to see it take off, so I can stop messing
> with IDL.   Last I checked there, it needed a good
> LINKNLOAD/CALL_EXTERNAL function so that people could more
> easily start attaching modules for extended functions...
> like complex numerical methods and GUI's.

Another IDL-like program is Yorick.


I believe it is a little more optimized than ANA, and has lots of
great array indexing methods.  I think the reason these "similar"
languages don't take off is that there's no established code base like
the Astronomy Library for IDL.  They would need a translator or a
compatibility mode.


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