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Re: MAKE_ARRAY question

Paul van Delst wrote:
> One could also do:
>   x = MAKE_ARRAY( n_pts, VALUE = 0.0, DOUBLE = double )
> i.e value = float if double is not set, but I want to avoid the value assignation. The
> array can be quite large (many millions of points x 2) hence the /NOZERO. The performance
> hit of using the VALUE keyword is noticeable (the /NOZERO has no effect if VALUE is used).

if keyword_set(double) then $
  x = dblarr(npts, /nozero) else $
  x = fltarr(npts, /nozero)


x = keyword_set(double) ? dblarr(npts, /nozero) : fltarr(npts, /nozero)