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IDLgrWindow, Map_Patch, and contours

Hey all,

have a couple of questions.  First, after I re-map an image with Map_Patch,
I tried to contour the image, and the contour lines were all over the place
(I believe due to some sort of triangulation routine Map_Patch runs).  Is
there a way to contour the data after I remap it with Map_Patch, or am I out
of luck?

Secondly, I tried to view the same image in an IDLgrWindow in an attempt to
move towards Object Orientated Graphics.  However, the image did not plot
out correctly, with a smattering of mis-placed pixels along the top of the
graphics window.  Does Map_Patch work with IDLgrWindow routines? Thanks in

John Eylander

John B. Eylander
Omaha, NE  68137