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Re: something like perl's 'require 5.4'

Vapuser <vapuser@catspaw.jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
>   How about:
>   version=strupcase(strjoin(strsplit(!version.release,'[.-_]',/extract),""))
>   input_version=strupcase(strjoin(strsplit(desired_release,'[.-_]',/extract),""))
>   if version lt input_version then 'eeek'
>   Clearly `desired_release' would have to be input as a string.
>   Of couse, this method 'requires' IDL 5.3 (IIRC), to get the regular
>   expression semantics of strsplit. The other question is will RSI use
>   any separator in version designations besides these three?

Umm, I never thought I'd be saying this, but aren't these a bit
overengineered?  I have found that in 95% of the cases the DOUBLE
compare will work, and in 4% of the cases the STRING compare will

If you know which version number you are targetting, then clearly you
can fashion a !VERSION.RELEASE comparison that will do the job.

William, you were probably thinking of a writing general procedure to
handle this type of version enforcement.  It's actually a good idea.
But I've found that an "IF !VERSION.RELEASE..." is compact enough to
go right into my code.


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