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Re: Tab Widgets?

In article <3AD4F212.DAC2CBF@home.com>, t.fulton@home.com says...
> Hi All,
> Is there a WIDGET_TAB or some such function
> that creates a tab widget?  By tab widget, 
> I'm referring to a GUI that where you switch
> between different windows by clicking on
> file folder-like tabs (Much like the way one
> can switch between "Groups" and "Build Order" 
> in the IDL 5.4 DE)
> Thanks in advance.
> PS  If responding by e-mail, please send
>     messages to fulton@dansas.usask.ca

I guess there is a better way to do it but this might be a start:
if all the child of your "Tab Widget" base are of the same size, you 
could use the /Map keyword of widget_control to make bring a given widget 
"to the front". All you need is a row (or column) of button, one for each 
page of your Tab Widget, that call widget_control, page_n, /map
This has the disadvantage of using explicit size definition to make sure 
that the front widget hides the others or calling widget_control, 
all_other_pages, map=0.
I hope this helps
Thomas Launey
Lab. for Memory and Learning
Brain Science Institute, RIKEN
Saitama, Japan