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Yes, there are tab widgets!


As many of you no doubt remember I have been an advocate for third party IDL
software for years now. With the acquisition of RSI by Kodak I am convinced
that this makes even more sense. Therefore I have created a site whose only
purpose is to market third party IDL code at http://www.kilvarock.com/ .
The purpose of this post is to let everyone know about the site and to see
if others are interested in contributing code. I know that there are really
slick routines that you all have created but aren't really interested in
giving away for free. If you have something, then reply to the email address

So what is currently on the site?
1. Tab widgets (Really a tab base, allows tabs on top or bottom.)
2. Tree menu widget (Like the windows explorer browser.)
3. Advanced buttons  (Put any image on buttons, glowing buttons, toggle,
4. MapViz - an IDL mapping add on.
5. IDL to PVM interface (available by Friday) - A DLM implementation that
interfaces IDL with the Parallel Virtual Machine. With this you can use IDL
to do parallel processing on Unix or NT networked machines.

I have put my best routines out there and I encourage others to do the same.
Send an email to info@kilvarock.com if you are interested.


Ronn Kling
KRS Inc.
email: ronn@rlkling.com
"Application Development with IDL"  programming book updated for IDL5.4!
"Calling C from IDL, Using DLM's to extend your IDL code" NEW BOOK!
Shareware and Freeware at: http://www.rlkling.com/