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Re: Yes, there are tab widgets!

ronn kling wrote:
> All,
> As many of you no doubt remember I have been an advocate for third party IDL
> software for years now. With the acquisition of RSI by Kodak I am convinced
> that this makes even more sense. Therefore I have created a site whose only
> purpose is to market third party IDL code at http://www.kilvarock.com/ .
> The purpose of this post is to let everyone know about the site and to see
> if others are interested in contributing code. I know that there are really
> slick routines that you all have created but aren't really interested in
> giving away for free. If you have something, then reply to the email address
> below.
> So what is currently on the site?
> 1. Tab widgets (Really a tab base, allows tabs on top or bottom.)

I'm curious how you did this one.  With a stub widget and native MOTIF
windowing calls?  Or is it universally available (and how?).