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Re: Duplicate module names. Was: Object epiphany: ...

Martin Schultz wrote:
>    Now, with IDL objects, we may be in a somewhat more fortunate
> situation, because there just aren't that many yet (at least not in
> the public space). I would really love to see more discussion about
> how to design object class hierarchies and perhaps even a consensus
> agreement (a manifest) about object programming and documentation(!)
> style. If this could find its way into all major libraries and new
> program developments, we could see a great leap in efficiency and
> code-reusability in a few years from now.

I don't use object stuff (yet?) but the above sounds like an excellent idea to me.

Isn't this how all the communications protocols (e.g. ftp, tcp/ip) were put together in
the early days? A bunch of people getting together and emailing each other and putting
stuff together that we're still using today. I guess it depends on the whether the
magnitude of the geek factor is greater than the "how will I pay the mortgage" factor in
todays New Economy (requirement #1 will be that all code be Open Source. :o) But, the
consensual-ness (why does that word make me shift uncomfortably in my seat..?) of this
newsgroup and the IDL community in general should make it a relatively easy thing, right?
To say nothing of the fact that probably only a handful fo folks (?) understand the
requirements for object programming in IDL so that the IDL Object Programming Guideline
Committee should be small enough to be quite effective. :o)


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