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Re: Colorbar problems

Francesco (francesco.spada@jrc.it) writes:

> When I plot the topography I use this lines:
> cctop=intarr(20)
> cctop(0)=10
> cctop(1)=100
> FOR i=1,19 DO BEGIN
>    cctop(i) = cctop(i-1) + 4
> endfor
> ;
> contour,z, POSITION=[0.15, 0.15, 0.95, 0.75],$
>   xstyle=9,xtitle='x-axis (km)',ystyle=9,ytitle='y-axis (km)',$
> levels=[-.1,.0,25,50,100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,1250,1500,$
>    1750,2000,2500,3000], $
>   ticklen=-0.02, c_colors=cctop,charsize=1.5,/fill
> but I don't know if is possible to set up David colobar in a correct
> way
> (or if you have a better idea for plotting topography).
> The biggest problem is that I plot levels with irregular distance, 
> the only idea I have is putting the same "irregularity" in cctop!! 
> but I think is more than bad programming :-((

I realize this reply is belated, but I don't see a reply
in my newsreader.

My COLORBAR routine has absolutely no problem with
irregular contour levels. Just use [XY]TICKV, etc.
But I do think it odd that you would use noncontiguous
color values. I've never done this. Add although I admit
to being terribly jet-lagged, I can't for the life of me
come up with a scenario where I would. If you wanted likely
colors in indices 10 to 100, wouldn't you do something like

   LOADCT, 33, NColors=90, Bottom=10
   Colorbar, XTickV=levels, NColors=90, Bottom=10



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