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Re: Anisotropic smoothing operations

Ben Tupper <pemaquidriver@tidewater.net> writes:
> That's a good idea.  I'm not sure how to implement it in my situation.
> I am using a routine for building a 2d grid from scattered data.
> The grid is initialized with a user defined MISSING value (in my
> case, NAN.)  The data is sprinkled over the grid then smoothed with
> the moving boxcar.  This sprinkle/smooth sequence is repeated a
> number of times.  Using SMOOTH, the NANs are replaced by (real)
> smoothed values as the influence of the scattered data values grows
> outward.  It is possible (likely) that there will be NANs remaining
> on the grid after the sprinkle/smooth iterations have been
> completed.  These areas will be in the regions of the grid where the
> original data values are sparse.  That is the effect I would like to
> achieve.

Question by an idiot: couldn't you use KRIG2D/TRIANGULATE/TRIGRID for
this?  They're designed to take irregular points to a regular grid and
filling in the gaps.


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