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Re: subtle but important

Craig Markwardt wrote:
> Randall Skelton <rhskelto@atm.ox.ac.uk> writes:
> > On Fri, 27 Apr 2001, Liam E. Gumley wrote:
> >
> > > This is a subtle but important point. DOUBLE() is a type conversion
> > > function [snip]
> >
> > While we are on the subject of 'subtle but important points' in IDL...
> >
> > I also learned today that for integers the default length is 16-bit unless
> > you use the "COMPILE_OPT DEFINT32" statement.  Try "print, 1000*1000" in
> > IDL.
> Appending "L" to integers saves a lot of grief later on.

This is an understatement

Maybe it's my fortran background, but I always stick an "L" on the end of integers so I
know (and others who read the code after me) that this value is a LONG (read: 4 byte)
integer, even for silly stuff like

n = 3L
FOR i = 0L, n - 1L DO BEGIN

In this case there's no need but one day someone might make "n" greater than what a 2-byte
int can hold.

Don't they teach this sort of stuff (and the floating point representation stuff) in
computing/science courses anymore?


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