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Re: Trouble Reading New GE DICOM 3 part 10 file

John Doty Newell Jr (j.newelljr@worldnet.att.net) writes:
> I have a call into RSI/Kodak to see why I cannot read in a DICOM file from
> GE CT scanner.  The UID is one that RSI supports, but the file does not show
> up in the File Dialog Box when you try to go and select it.  Does anyone
> have experience with a similar issue, and is there a solution?

Doesn't show up in the File Dialog box!?

Have you tried looking at the file info with QUERY_DICOM?
Have you tried reading the file with READ_DICOM?

I have found DICOM files that IDL doesn't read,
but even these show up in the File Dialog box! :-)



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