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Re: Displaying a plot and a true color image on the same window

Alok Nagdev (nagdev@csee.usf.edu) writes:

> Thanks David, but I'm still having the same problem...probably I couldnt
> phrase the problem properly. Here it is again:
> I'm displaying some bytescaled elevation data using color table (in my case
> its RAINBOW with top WHITE) below this I'm trying to display true color jpeg
> images on the same window. As soon as the color table is loaded the color
> images are displayed according to the color table being used, and loose their
> true color.
> I found that this is due to the color table as if I dont load the color
> table, images are displayed perfectly fine.
> Hope this time I phrased it correctly!!

Well, I think you are phrasing it correctly.
But you still haven't told me what kind of 
visual display depth you are using or what kind
of machine you are running IDL on, so I am
still shooting in the dark. But I stand by my

   24-bit color: Device, Decomposed=1
    8-bit color: Color_Quan with CUBE=6.



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