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Re: Large data sets

Neil Talsania wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am new to IDL, and everything that I have done so far works great on
> small data sets. But, I dont know how to use it for a large (>2 gig)
> dataset, as I obviously just cant load that into an array. The data is on
> disk and can either be tiled so that it is stored in 1024x1024 segments, or
> it is stripped which is one complete row at a time. Even a complete row is
> large (>80000 samples).
> Any thoughts as to how I would be able to use this data?
> Another question: is there thread support in IDL? I have a machine with 18
> processors, so it sure would be nice to process this large dataset in 18
> parallel threads. Any suggestions?

You work for kodak - can't you walk down the hall and ask the RSI/IDL engineers.....? :o)

Seriously, though. What errors (if any) are you getting? Some OS'es don't support files >
2Gig but if you have a machine with 18 processors I, uh, don't think that would be a
problem. More info on what you wanted to do would be helpful. 80000 datapoints doesn't
sound very big to me (I read in millions of double values daily on a regular little old
linux box). Reading in cunks or strips at a time and processing it sequential sounds like
a reasonable method - if only for a first cut (umless the data is interdependent somehow.)


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