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IDL/image analysis programmer

Hi All,

Do you know anybody (student?) who would be interested in a 2-3 month 
(summer)visit at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen to help 
our group with an image analysis project??

We're looking for someone with IDL programming experience and a back-ground 
in image analysis/processing or math/statistics. In particular, the person 
would need experience with techniques such as noise filtering (Fourier 
domain etc.), segmentation of gray-scale (single-band) images, 
classification and cluster analysis techniques etc.

Salary will depend on your experience/education.

And you can go to Tivoli at night :-)


Dorthe Wildenschild, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
Environment & Resources
Technical University of Denmark
Building 115, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
(ph) +45 4525 1401 (fax) +45 4593 2860
dw@isva.dtu.dk, alternate email: plyskat@hotmail.com

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