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Reverse colour table in postscript


I would like to create a postscript file with using a reverse colour
table i.e. black for the
maximum values and white for the minimum values. So far, i've used the
following code,

set_plot,'device',/copy               ; tried with and without the /copy
and with loadct
                                                       and reverse_ct
before this line.
;  device, filename='myfile.ps'   ; tried with and without this line.
 loadct,0                                       ; loads the black-white
linear colour table
 reverse_ct                                  ; copied from Fanning
 contour,image1,/fill,color=0       ; contours the image
 device, /close

If I run the above using device='X', then i get the plot screen that
I wish
(i.e. peaks are black and zero is white). However, if I used device='ps'
 i get the opposite i.e. the colour table does not appear to have been

Of course, I can get a reverse colour table by multiplying the image by
 i suppose!.

The reverse_ct.pro progr looks like this from the Fanning website.
 PRO Reverse_CT
   TVLCT, r, g, b, /Get
  TVLCT, Reverse(r), Reverse(g), Reverse(b)

If anyone has a clue that would be good.
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