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Re: Chopping up a string

"Noam R. Izenberg" wrote:
> I have a question about chopping up a string of numbers into seperate inter variables.
> I have a set of 5 numbers in a string seprated by spaces (e.g.string= '0 1 2 3 4'), and i need to
> chop them into seperate integer variables (var1=0, var2=1 etc...) I would use the various strmid
> commends exept the size of the numbers is not always the same. Sometimes one or more of the numbers
> will be 2 or more digits. (e.g. '14 14 256 5 2').
> Is there any neat trick to doing this?
 you can use the strsplit keyword in IDL.
 e.g: array_of_strings = strsplit(string, /extract) ;the default pattern
to switch at is whitespace
      array_of_integers = fix(array_of_strings)
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