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lost data?

Is there a bug in IDL's Save/Restore command?  I've just spent the last 18
days running a Monte Carlo simulation to seemingly lose all my data.  The
problem occured when our license manager stopped responding (network
problem) hence the IDL session running the simulation crashed.  The MC
code is designed to save results periodically as it runs (just in case
this sort of thing happens).  I've just tried: 

"restore, 'mc_file.sav', /Verbose" 

only to get:

% RESTORE: IDL version 5.3 (linux, x86).
% RESTORE: Truncated save file, restored as much as possible:

That "resored as much as possible:" is in fact 0 (zero).  Despite the file
itself being 17 Mb!  Some of my .sav files are a lot bigger than this, yet
don't seem to have any problems.  Is there anyway to recover this file, or
prevent this happening again in the future?  I'm going to very upset to
lose 18 days work...