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Re: lost data?

src wrote:
> Is there a bug in IDL's Save/Restore command?  I've just spent the last 18
> days running a Monte Carlo simulation to seemingly lose all my data.  The
> problem occured when our license manager stopped responding (network
> problem) hence the IDL session running the simulation crashed.  The MC
> code is designed to save results periodically as it runs (just in case
> this sort of thing happens).  I've just tried:
> "restore, 'mc_file.sav', /Verbose"
> only to get:
> % RESTORE: IDL version 5.3 (linux, x86).
> % RESTORE: Truncated save file, restored as much as possible:
> That "resored as much as possible:" is in fact 0 (zero).  Despite the file
> itself being 17 Mb!  Some of my .sav files are a lot bigger than this, yet
> don't seem to have any problems.  Is there anyway to recover this file, or
> prevent this happening again in the future?

I'm not trying to be facetious when I suggest using something other than an IDL save file
for storing output. Say, netCDF? Or maybe Liam Gumley's binary data I/O tools for IDL. See


While I can't help you with your current dilemma, Craig Markwardt has posted about his
tools to interrogate IDL save files. See


good luck


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