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Re: New IDL User Questions

JD Smith wrote in message <3AF85085.7E5696AD@astro.cornell.edu>...
>John Piccirillo wrote:
>> 1.  Editor Screen
>>       a.   Is there a way to make the Editor full screen or extend
>>             over some of the other windows?   Using resize doesn't do it.
>>             Does everyone confine themselves to this small window on
>> code?
>>       b.  My scrolling mouse will scroll in the Output Log and Variable
>> Watch
>>              windows, but not in the Editor Window.  Que pasa?
>One word.  IDLWAVE.

For those who know, or are prepared to learn, emacs. In the IDLDE it
helps to use the 'multiple window' setting, or 'separate editor window'
Preferences. This works on Unix, but somehow I cannot find how to do this
in the Windows version...