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sec : U Re: New IDL User Questions

John Piccirillo wrote:
> Hello,
>  I'm new to IDL, but not new to programming.  I have
> the IDL manuals and Dr. Fanning's excellent book, nevertheless,
> I have a few basic questions:
> 1.  Editor Screen
>       a.   Is there a way to make the Editor full screen or extend
>             over some of the other windows?   Using resize doesn't do it.
>             Does everyone confine themselves to this small window on their
> code?
>       b.  My scrolling mouse will scroll in the Output Log and Variable
> Watch
>              windows, but not in the Editor Window.  Que pasa?

On my Logitech Wheel Mouse I have to turn *OFF* the MS compatible scroll
get the wheel scrolling in all 3 IDLDE windows on my PC.

If that's what you've got, then check Mouse Properties/Button and make
sure the
"Use MS Office Compatible Scroll Only" box is NOT ticked.



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