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Displaying large volumes

Currently I am trying to display large volumes.  As far as I know, there 
are two different procedures to assist with this task.  This first being 
xvolume and the second being slicer3.  So far with xvolume, I could only 
display a volume of ruffly 1024x1024x25.  Any larger, my system would 
crash or just manuver so slowly the volume displayment was useless.  With 
slicer3, I was able to display volumes up to 1024x1024x100.  After this 
slicer3 just manuvered too slowly.  However, I like to GUI with xvolume 
much better.

I need to display volumes that are much larger then this.  I was wondering 
if anyone else has visualized larger volumes and how you did this?  And 
what type of system you are running.  Currently I'm running a 400 MHz G4 
with 576 MB of memory and a PCI ATI Rage with 16 MB of VRAM.  However, If 
it ment displaying larger images, I am willing to buy a better machine.

Thanks in advance,