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Re: IDL 5.5?

"Richard G. French" wrote:
> Several folks have hinted about IDL5.5 - is there a release date yet?
> Dick French
> PS - I hear that it will not support WIndows 95. Is anyone else going to
> be in trouble because of this?

I've heard tell the beta is seeding in a few weeks, <total speculation>
so end of summer is a probable final release </total speculation>.  I
also wanted to apologize to RSI engineers for stating they had promised
to add the rebin functionality I mentioned in a previous post to v5.5. 
In fact, they had merely included it among the feature requests. 
Luckily, my posting drew their attention, and they coded it up
post-haste (not that this method is recommended -- remember the boy who
cried wolf).  Thanks!