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interpolating gridded data

I have a 1000 by 1000 array of gridded integer data.  I have used
triangulate and trigrid functions to interpolate an irregularly gridded
data set to get this array.  I gave a missing value 1000000L using

I have now identified certain regions in this data array that I want to
remove, and i want to regrid this data array by interpolating so that
the regions that I have removed from the data array are filled with
values from its neighboring regions.  How do I go about doing this? 
What value should I give to the identified regions, so as to remove it
from the final regridded array.
I guess I am falling in trouble because I have already set a missing
value to certain parts of this data array(during trigrid). 



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Amar Nayegandhi
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Department of Computer Science,
University of South Florida, Tampa.