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Re: sending events

"Dominic R. Scales" wrote:
> Hi marc,
>   There are many situations where you need to generate and send
>   an event. Here's an example:
>   I sometimes send events to the eventhandler, when for instance,
>   a choice made in one menu influences an other. Say, our user can
>   choose a certain set of properties from a non-exclusuive check
>   button list (nex_list). A separate list of exclusive check buttons
>   contains operations to be performed on the data (ex_list).
>   Some combinations in nex_list force the choice of a specific
>   operation from ex_list, while others can be used with any operation.
>   When I'm finished doing whatever a click in nex_list requires I
>   can check the combination of properties set. If it requires a
>   specific setting in ex_list I send an event and choose the appropriate
>   operation in ex_list. My user doesn't have to remember checking ex_list
>   if there is only one possibility left.
> Cheers,
>        Dominic
> PS Hm, re-reading it, I don't know if it is clear enough. Oh, well...

Ok, but in this case you could also call the eventhandler directly...