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Menu Value and UValue

Hello again!
I am trying to add a feature into an IDL program that lists the last 4 files
opened.  The last 4 files will be displayed as a part of the "file" menu on
my program.  I've been trying to change the "Value" and "UValue" of a
Widget_Button that is apart of a menu.  From what I am seeing it can't be
done.  I don't get an error from IDL or anything when I execute something
    Widget_Control, widgetid, Set_Value=lastfile1, Set_UValue=lastfile1
But when you go look at the menu nothing has changed from when it was first
realized when the program was launched.  The old values are still there but
this time if you select that menu option nothing happens where it used to do
what it was supposed to do.

Thanks again for any help!