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color table conversion


this is a bit of an arcane topic, but here goes. I would like to use the
CIE Lab or CIE Luv color system to choose the colors that I want to load
into the IDL color table. The conversion from either of these color
systems to CIE XYZ is standard, the problem is the conversion from CIE
XYZ to RGB in IDL. I found one conversion (in the procedure PSEUDO), but
it doesn't seem to be correct, since white is not in the correct place,
i.e. Lab = (*,0.,0.). Does anyone have any ideas how to find the correct
conversion, or how the folks at rsinc found their XYZ->RGB
transformation to begin with?!

In case you're wondering why I care: Lab and Luv systems are based on
the way colors are perceived, so that the perceived difference between
to colors is reflected in their Lab coordinates. This way I can optimize
the way I am displaying my data. I hope.

Thanks for any help,


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