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Re: [Newbie]writing JPEG or GIF file with plot?

Yopsolo (planchais@arguin.observ.u-bordeaux.fr) writes:
> I have writting a procedure which draw on the screen 2D graphics
> (withthe help of widgets and the functions PLOT, OPLOT and XYOUTS).
> I would know how I have to transform my procedure in order to write my
> graphic on a JPEG or GIF file without showing on screen my graphic.

You will have to draw your graphics in either a pixmap window
or in the Z graphics buffer. You can take a screen snapshot and
write the proper file by using my TVREAD procedure:


Your code will look something like this:

   thisDevice = !D.Name
   Set_Plot, 'Z'
   Plot, ....
   OPlot, ....
   XYOutS, ...
   image = TVRead(/JPEG)
   Set_Plot, thisDevice



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