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Re: more IDL falls asleep

Johnny Lin wrote:

i've also encountered similar problems w/ a server license running IDL 5.4.

> it also is a solaris machine, but only has a single processor.
> has anyone else figured out another fix?  any help would be much appreciated.

You're not going to like my answer -- except for the comfort that it might give
in knowing that you are not the only one....

We've had problems with IDL falling asleep under a node-locked V5.4 license and
a dual-processor machine running Solaris 2.7.     We strongly suspected the
license manager since it occurs with both V5.3 and V5.4 under the V5.4 license
manager, but never with V5.3 under the V5.3 license manager.    The problem also
seems to be more likely to occur if the machine has many other processes

The strange thing is that we have another apparently identical machine that has
had no problems with V5.4!       So we are at a loss in trying to understand how
to further diagnose the problem, and have simply downgraded the offending
machine to IDL V5.3.

Wayne Landsman