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more IDL falls asleep

hi all,

back in 1998 and 1999, a few folks described a problem with long IDL
jobs on solaris going to sleep (0% CPU usage) mid-way through.  Henry
Throop provided a fix involving switching from the GENVER license
manager to FLEX.

i'm encountering the same problem now w/ a node-locked license running
FLEX, for both IDL 5.3 and 5.2.1 (this is a multi-processor machine).
the test code Henry used:

pro hang_bug
  for i = 0LL, 90000000LL do begin
    a = dist(50)+randomu(seed,50,50)
    a = a^2 + a
    if (i mod 1000 eq 0) then print, i

causes IDL to fall asleep around 1-3 hours in.  our sys admin folks say
this shouldn't be a license manager problem, since it's node-locked, and
thus only checks the license at the beginning of the job.

i've also encountered similar problems w/ a server license running IDL 5.4.
it also is a solaris machine, but only has a single processor.

has anyone else figured out another fix?  any help would be much appreciated.



Johnny Lin
CIRES, University of Colorado
Work Phone:  (303) 735-1636
Web:  http://cires.colorado.edu/~johnny/