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Re: xyouts with p.multi

"Christopher W. O'Dell" <odell@cmb.physics.wisc.edu> writes:

> I am plotting six graphs on one page using !p.multi =
> [0,2,3]
> I am trying to put some text in the same place on each
> graph, by using
> xyouts, x, y, 'text', /norm
> after each graph is plotted.  I would think, using /norm,
> that it would put the
> text *in that graph*; but it doesn't, it puts it in some
> crazy place.  Does anyone know how
> to make xyouts position the text with respect to the most
> recently plotted graph in the current window?
> Chris O'Dell

Please file a feature request for a new coordinate system. DATA, NORMAL, and DEVICE are simply not enough, and it's always a pain if you have your beautiful plot set up for 1 panel on the page/window, and then you want to combine several panels to a page. Something like 

    XYOUTS, 0.5, 0.96, 'My title', /WINDOW, charsize=2.5

would be just wonderful. And if you want your title to appear across the page regardless of how many plots there are, you use NORMAL coordinates.



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