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Re: Cannot read top level base window


We work under Solaris and use its standard 'snapshot' utility to capture and
save screens. Also it is possible to use something else with better user
interface. But the problem is that main users are physicians. They would like
to save couple 'clicks' having "Save As..." directly from the viewing
software. By the way this program has "Print..." widget that prints exactly
the same area we would like to "Save As...". This makes me think that there
is a way to capture this area into a file. Unfortunately this program is
written in CAPP. I just started to learn CAPP several days ago and it seems
not easy to do it fast not having neither any tutorial nor source code. I
hope to get in touch with people who has CAPP experience but it takes some
time to find them.

Thank you for your help,


David Fanning wrote:

> Leonid Syrkin (lsyrkin@mediaone.net) writes:
> > I am trying to add "Save As.." feature into the IDL 5.0 program.
> > I need to capture the whole top level base widget window for saving it
> > into a file. This window contains several graphics windows inside.  The
> > problem is that I don't know how to get window ID for this base. In the
> > program I do:
> >
> > widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_size=result
> > tlb_xsize = result[0]
> > tlb_ysize = result[1]
> > widget_control, event.top, tlb_get_offset=result1
> > tlb_xoffs = result1[0]
> > tlb_yoffs = result1[1]
> >
> > ;Above  works fine and gives me offset and size of the base window.
> >
> >  img=BytArr(tlb_xsize,tlb_ysize)
> >
> > ; Now trying TVRD I am getting error as it reads one of the graphics
> > windows inside the base window.
> >  img=TVRD(tlb_xoffs,1024-tlb_ysize-tlb_yoffs,tlb_xsize,tlb_ysize)
> >
> >
> > What should I add to make it read the window I need?
> You should add another piece of software. You are not
> going to be able to do this from within IDL. I use
> HyperSnap from Hyperionics. Great piece of software
> for about $25, I think:
>    http://www.hyperionics.com/
> Cheers,
> David
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