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socket problems.. Desperate!

Hi all,

I have a rather pressing problem with IDL sockets:  I have written an
IDL application that uses a socket to talk to a RTLinux box to control
an instrument and gather data from it for analysis. The system works
fine on my windows PCs, but I've just tested it on the laptop that will
actually control the experiment and I get the following error from IDL

SOCKET: Unable to lookup host. Unit 101, File:

I can telnet and ping the machine from the laptop and it
works fine, but the IDL socket routine fails. As I mentioned, the socket
works from the other PCs in my lab, so this is probably a windows
problem on the laptop - So I need to know what this message means so I
can figure out what to change in my windows settings!

Does anyone have any insight as to what might cause this type of error?
-hopefully before next week when this instrument has observing time one
of the largest telescopes :)


Brad Gom