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Re: socket problems.. Desperate!

Oh boy, doesn't this sound like a registry hacking time :-(
MS web site has a fairly detailed description of their TCP/IP related
registry entries. Try to compare them on both machines. Check the IDL
related entries, there shouldn't be too many. But I'd back the
registiries up first.


Brad Gom wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a rather pressing problem with IDL sockets:  I have written an
> IDL application that uses a socket to talk to a RTLinux box to control
> an instrument and gather data from it for analysis. The system works
> fine on my windows PCs, but I've just tested it on the laptop that will
> actually control the experiment and I get the following error from IDL
> SOCKET: Unable to lookup host. Unit 101, File:
> I can telnet and ping the machine from the laptop and it
> works fine, but the IDL socket routine fails. As I mentioned, the socket
> works from the other PCs in my lab, so this is probably a windows
> problem on the laptop - So I need to know what this message means so I
> can figure out what to change in my windows settings!
> Does anyone have any insight as to what might cause this type of error?
> -hopefully before next week when this instrument has observing time one
> of the largest telescopes :)t