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Re: Which Graphics Card?

Pavel A. Romashkin (pavel.romashkin@noaa.gov) writes:
> I take it, you own one or are ready to buy one? It is the hottest and
> most modern gaming card, and there is no question about it. But it is
> not the only one, and my question is, does a typical user utilize the
> novelties provided by GF3 in everyday work, and if these advantages are
> worth the extra money. Besides, you need an AGPpro slot to be sure it
> will work reliably.
> Since David's price range is beyond the cost of GF3, he might shop
> around for a better card. http://www.anandtech.com might appear helpful.

This is the basis year for determining the parent's contribution
for my oldest son's college expenses, so expensive is more attractive than
it usually is. (I hope my son isn't reading this.) I've been thinking
about a fast car, but can't figure out how to write it off as
a business expense. A fast graphics card is easy. :-)

That GF2/Quadro professional OpenGL card goes for
about $670. It's not chump change, but I think I could
be happy with something like that for a month or so.



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